It was a nice afternoon on the top of the mountain in Kinder Scout. I was in another adventure with a friend. We were doing a wild camping. Just after we pitched a tent and set up our sleeping bags, my friend was asking if I want to come with her to have a little wander around the hills. Yes I want! But, hold on, who is gonna look after all our belonging? 

Let me tell you what I had with me that day. I took two cameras and one phone to take video journal for my Youtube. 

Though I wanted to go, I decided to stay. 

My friend gone, and there I was, lied on the grass next to our tent, talked to God. 


Hey, what if I told you to go, now?!

What do You mean?

Leave those, and go!

Who’s gonna watch over my tent, all our stuffs?

Oh… I see.


It was quiet for a while then I laughed. I’m sure He laughed too.


I know what You meant. I’m worrying over material things, again. 



Letting go has always been an issue for me. In the past I have dealt with this issue over and over again, and in all those I had to surrender to God and let things go. I have learned that once God says leave it, let it go, it means that He has plan. It means that I should trust His heart and his plan. I have struggled to trust God, I have seen how true it is that God’s plan is far glorious, yet still many times I find myself struggling to trust Him. Oh, dear human. 


That conversation with my Father, and the entire journey I had in the wild, had inspired me to write a song. 

I picked up some of the lyric on the journey, and got to finish the rest of the lyric and the music itself after I got home.

Here is the lyric, and feel free to listen to it. 


Walk in to the wild oh lost soul

And wander wander where you go

Life has been like a long journey

And later later you’ll find a way



Don’t stop you have to go

If you weary don’t you worry

The mountains and the lands know

Who you walk with


Let go leave it behind

Things that holding you so fine

And today you tell the sky

You are…

You are ready to fly!


One day you’ll be finally home

The time the time the time



For now, you just have

To be brave

And try and try and try

To reach the finish line



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