Today I want to take you back to my old days in 2008. There was a day in my life when I first started to feel the calling to open a handmade shop to be able to help people in need. So, I did. 

I didn’t have any sewing machine, so I hand-sewed all my products. I made tote bags, pouches, key rings, and hair accessories -all hand-sewed. I showed my ready made products to my friends, and was able to convinced some of them to buy, and some others to order their personalised items. 


I was happy. Every day on my spare time, I sat in the front room or on the floor in my bedroom with fabrics, yarns and needles. My mum started to get worried seeing me bending my back and neck all the time when I stitched. So, the next couple days, my dad took me to a market to get me a sewing machine. My first sewing machine was Singer. A well-known brand that got me thinking why on earth they named sewing machine ‘Singer’ and not ‘Sewer’.

My interest on building a handmade business grew stronger. I started to think of a name for my shop, and I picked ‘Bengkel Handmade’ (Bengkel=Garage), and later on I changed it to ‘BeHand’ to represent my intention of what I was doing: Be Hand(made), making and selling handmade items and my vision was to be able to help people in need with it. I wasn’t sure how this goal will be applied practically, but I had a strong faith that I was doing what I should be doing. 

After years, I started to think of making my own design for clothing.

In 2011, I had to stop designing and making. I flew to the Philippines and joined DTS with YWAM Davao to find out more about my calling. 

…to be continued


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