After facing so many insecurities and after years of procrastinating, I have finally surrendered to God’s will to finish this book. 

I have had many mornings where I was woken up by a gentle voice telling me to write. So, I sat in front of my laptop and edited my manuscript.

I’ve struggled with lies saying that this book has to be perfectly written to be able to bless others; I am nobody, therefore no one would be interested to read this story.

I’m done with those lies. Here I am, believing that the Lord uses imperfect people like me to tell this imperfect story I’m about to tell you….

July 2019

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By Fillia & LK Team

“If I could relive my life, I would devote my entire ministry to reaching children for God!” D.L. Moody

There are many challenges that Sunday School teachers have to face when teaching. Especially in the age where many facilities make it easier for children to get interested more in other games than to attend Sunday School. Meanwhile, Sunday School becomes routine and boring. For that reason these books were written, to help Sunday School teachers to be more creative in making fun activities and help children learn God’s word. Children are always happy to engage in exciting activities and games in Sunday School, for example by making puppets, working in a group, making short dialogues, or other creativity, the kids will have an exciting experience as they play while learning the Words. 

These books provide various suggestions for fun activities to study the Bible; which can be done at home, in Sunday School, or in study groups with children. There are several activity options; such as making a workshop, a puzzle, a quiz, or a game. We hope that through this book Sunday School teachers will be inspired to serve the children better.