Hi, we are Andrew and Fillia Barden. We write about our faith, intentional living, and creative ventures.


About Andrew

Andrew is currently a full time Theological student. In his spare time he plays with his camera.

Andrew learned about photography from his Grandad. When he was a child, Andrew used to help his Grandad in the darkroom, and was given his own film camera to use. Since then, Andrew has grown to love taking photographs, a love which has grown through travelling the world and exploring other nations and countries. All captured through the lens.



About Fillia

Fillia was a religion teacher, and a trainer in churches and schools in Indonesia. She quit her job, traveled to the Philippine, and some other countries. Long story short, she ended up staying in England where she met Andrew and got married to him in 2016.

She enjoys writing. If she is not writing, you will find her designing, sewing, or crafting. She loves creating things.

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