Andrew and Fillia are the artist and designer behind the work you see here. Both of them have been creative from a young age.

Andrew learned about photography from his Grandad. When he was a child, Andrew used to help his Grandad in the darkroom, and was given his own film camera to use. Since then, Andrew has grown to love taking photographs, a love which has grown through travelling the world and exploring other nations and countries. All captured through the lens.

Fillia’s love of designing and sewing began when she was wearing a dress her Mum made for her. She could not stop thinking of how on earth her Mum made that beautiful dress out of flat fabric. Copying her Mum, she made a collection of dresses for her Barbie dolls.

Later, on her teenage years, when Myspace was popular, Fillia started to blog about her clothes in her closet. She opened an online clothing shop and became a drop-shipper, but deep inside her heart she was never satisfied with the products she got from supplier. She started thinking to make handmade clothes herself to sell. She sold her first piece of clothing at the age of 22. Today, she continues to design and sew her own collection.

Both Andrew and Fillia believe that art, both photography and fashion, tell stories. Their goal is to re-tell the stories they have discovered and treasured, by expressing it through their creations.


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