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Therefore We Go

We started our adventures together in October 2015, and as we discover new places, treasuring their beauty, we tell our stories here...

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Redefining Worry
0 Comments03,Aug,2016

“Is worrying a sin?” Asked my friend when we were sitting on the sofa in his living room. It was Christmas week in 2014.  Manchester got a little bit of snow, and my good friend and I were busy sipping our warm tea and having a chit chat. Some of us might have the same […]

A Lamp Under A Bowl
0 Comments14,Jul,2016

It was a nice day; sunny, and the sky was clear.  My friends and I were travelling by car for a weekend break. The friend who was driving was very chatty.  The other, sat beside her, acted as a navigator.  I was sat in the back, but still engaged in the conversation with my two […]

The Divine Thwarter
0 Comments22,Jan,2016

I used to stand against God for not giving me what I wanted, even though I had prayed hard for it.  I believe some people are in the same boat as me.  If you can relate to this, bear with me… I am pretty sure we all know how God answers prayer: ‘YES’, ‘WAIT’, ‘NO’.  […]